Blanket Order Field Descriptions 



The web Blanket Order document has two pages – the Purchase Order page that includes all the PO-related fields and the Summary & Approval page that shows the details on the required approvals.


The Blanket Order document page has four sections – the header, Document History, Document Information and Items sections.  All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory fields that need to be filled in to save the Purchase Order in an Open status.


Blanket Order page

PO Header section

All FIS documents have a common header displaying the document number, status, fiscal year and type.  For purchase orders, the document header includes the Search fields and the Enc ID field (In Inquiry mode).



Field Name





Mode of the document – POs can be in New / Change / Copy / Delete / Approval / Inquiry modes.



Seven-digit document number of the web Purchase Order.



Prime department on the Purchase Order.



Fiscal Year – open in June for creating the new fiscal year blanket orders.



Document type – currently BO is the only type available on the web AISystem.



Document status.


PO Help

Help document link


Search 1:

Displayed in Change and Inquiry modes – displays the vendor name.


Search 2:

Displayed in Change and Inquiry modes – displays the first few words from the Memo field.


PO Document History section

All FIS documents now include a Document History section titled ‘Created By / Changed By’.  This collapsible section lists the names and phone numbers of all persons who changed the document.  If your name is listed in this section, you cannot approve this PO document due to separation of duties.



Field Name





Name of the person who created / changed the PO.

Campus Phone

Campus phone number of the person who created / changed the PO.

Campus Box

Campus box number of the person who created / changed the PO.

Changed Time

Time at which the PO was created  / changed and saved.



PO Document Information section

The Document Information section contains all the details of the Purchase Order document.  This section houses the fax fields, freight fields and Doc With field.



Field Name





Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Information.  If your PO document has HIPAA potential, this field will be checked and your answer will be displayed.


Vendor ID

Six-digit vendor identification number from the vendor file.  Leave this field blank if this is a new vendor.  Purchasing Services will assign a new vendor ID once the details are verified.


Lookup icon for Vendor Order addresses – Click on this icon to search for vendors’ order addresses.  (Address Number 0)



Quote – Valid only for line item purchase orders.


Electronic Order

Enabled for line item purchase orders.  For blanket purchase orders, this field will always be disabled.


Fax Order

If the vendor has a fax number on file, this field is checked.  Even if there is no vendor fax on file, you can check this box and type in the vendor’s fax number.  If this field is checked, a valid 10-digit fax number should be entered in the ‘Vendor Fax #’ field.


Doc With

Check this field if you need to send documentation along with the printed purchase order.


Vendor Fax #

Vendor’s 10-digit fax number.  This field will be disabled if the ‘Fax Order’ field is unchecked.


Conf. Fax #

Confirmation fax number.  Enter your department’s fax number to receive a confirmation back from the vendor.


Expiration Date

Valid for Blanket Order and Lease Maintenance orders only.  Entering a valid date (usually the end of the fiscal year 6/30) in this field creates a worklist entry in your department 2 weeks prior to the expiration date.  This enables you to enter a replacing PO and notify the vendor of the changes.  Even though it is highly recommended to enter a date in this field, it is not a required field on a blanket order.  Refer to Worklist to learn more about expiring blankets and the worklist.


Expiration Days

Entering a value in this field adds



Required field if the Purchase Order amount exceeds $10,000.  Preferred choice is ‘Destination’.  This means the vendor will pass the title of the item being purchased to Washington University after it is delivered.  Select ‘Shipping’ if you want the ownership to rest upon Washington University at the time it leaves the vendor’s control and custody.


Prepaid Freight

Select ‘Added’ if the vendor has added the freight cost to the total cost of the merchandise.  The cost of shipping should not appear on the invoice or as a separate line item on the purchase order.


Select ‘Allowed’ if the vendor will pay the freight bill and will add the charge to the invoice as a separate line item.  This is required for all purchase orders exceeding $10,000.


Note: Be sure to check the terms on your agreement with the vendor.


Vendor Address

Vendor address details populated from the vendor file and displayed as protected fields.  Type in the address details if this is a new vendor.



Address to which you want the goods shipped; if you leave this field blank, the system will fill in your address based on the prime department on your document.


If you wish to change the shipping address, the Ship-to code needs to be typed in / selected from the lookup page.  You cannot override / type over the existing ship-to address in file.  If you wish to add a new ship-to code, contact Debbie Marks at 314-935-5016 in Purchasing Services.  The Attention line is open for changes in all ship-to addresses.


Vendor Instructions

Free-form scrolling field capable of holding multiple lines of information.  Details in this field will be printed and mailed / faxed to the vendor.



Free-form scrolling field capable of holding multiple lines of information. This field is purely meant for internal comments and remarks that the vendor does not need to know about. 


Items section

The last section on the Purchase Order document holds the item details and the accounts that are charged for this item.



Field Name





Item number.  Starts with 1 and runs sequentially.  For web blanket orders, 1 is the only allowed value in this field.



Quantity.  Need to be whole numbers.



Unit of measurement.


Unit Price

Unit price of the item.



Detailed description of the item.



Amount to be charged to the account.



Ledger Class.



Department number.



Three-character Fund Code.



Fund number.






Object code.



Special Reporting Code.


Zero Fnd

Zero fund number.


To copy one account line to the next.


To add one new blank line of account.


To delete a line of account.